10 Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

10 Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies (Your Get Well Guide)

Every year more and more people are being diagnosed with hypertension and related health disorders. In this post discover the best 10 natural high blood pressure remedies. An amazing “Get Well Guide”. What many people don’t realise is that there are natural ways to lower blood pressure. They are safe, effective and alternatives to using …

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Hibiscus Recipe For Iced Tea

Hibiscus Recipe For Iced Tea – Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

This post is devoted to the Hibiscus recipe for iced tea. Hibiscus Tea sometimes referred to as Roselle or sour tea, has long been said to have many health benefits, especially for hypertension. This has been proven in several clinical studies. Clinical Studies Involving Use Of Hibiscus Flower Recipe One of these clinical studies involved …

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Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure - Easy Made At Home

8 Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure – Ease Effectively At Home.

In this article we share the 8 best Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure. Of these 8 remedies, some are daily action steps or guidelines that when implemented aid hypertension and enable us to achieve better health. The rest are extremely effective, very simple and all natural holistic remedies that are easy to prepare in your own home.

These remedies can make the world of difference if you suffer from high blood pressure.  Just by adding natural remedies, some basic lifestyle changes such as exercise and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables you can lower pressure.

We all know that hypertension is a real concern…

To treat and control hypertension we first need to know what causes it.  By identifying the predominant factors, which can be as individual as the sufferer, we are able to develop a holistic treatment plan.

The natural remedies for high blood pressure we describe in this article are proven to help.

Understanding High Blood Pressure.

Medically referred to as “Hypertension”, elevated pressure affects many people.

In America alone, high blood pressure impacts one third (33%) of the adult population. That’s the equivalent of 70 million people … in the US alone.

And, sadly, the numbers continue to grow!

It may surprise you to know that 90-95% of high blood pressure diagnoses are clinically referred to as primary hypertension.

This means it has no underlying medical cause.

That’s right … there is no other medical condition .

So what is the cause?  What raises arterial pressure in otherwise healthy individuals? And what can we do about it? Many reach directly for the pharmaceuticals! Luckily prescription drugs are not the only solution.

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