Category: Emotional Health

To ensure we achieve optimal health and wellbeing we need to look after our emotional health. In this category we look specifically at the health of our emotional state, what we can do to achieve emotional balance and how to quickly restore ourself to optimal health.

15 Natural Treatments For Anxiety (That Really Work)

Today we explore natural treatments for anxiety. Usually when people start thinking about treating their anxiety naturally, what they usually want is to find the herbs and supplements that will work for them. In this article we offer 15 research backed natural treatments for anxiety. All 15 treatments have been …

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Get A Pet (How Pets Help Health)

There has been much research done on the ways pets help health. From the almost obvious, walking a dog providing us with exercise, to more clinical research showing that pet ownership can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and aid depression. This article offers these facts so if you want to …

Create A Personal Development Plan (Gain Awareness In 5 Steps)

Discover how to create a personal development plan and its benefits for building self awareness, confidence and tackling insecurity. During our life, we will have developed a number of notions and ideas that dictate how we see ourselves. We will also have formed certain beliefs and established a set of …
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