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Aloe Vera Cream (3 Absolutely Luxurious Aloe Cream Recipes)

In our last post we looked at the benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin and why Aloe is so beneficial for anti-aging and skin hygiene.  Today we look at how to make face and body creams. Learn 3 of the very best and most luxurious Aloe Vera Cream Recipes that are easily made at home.

These creams take little time to make but they are incredibly good for your skin and extremely cost effective!

In the first recipe I offer a step by step guide for how to harvest your own homemade Aloe Vera Gel.  It is really easy, if you have the plants or access to plants!

However if you do not have the plants then you can use store bought 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel.

After each recipe I have listed my recommendations for each of the ingredients.

I have listed 1 product for each ingredient and have ensured I provided a recommendation for all possible options, ie. Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil.

You only need 1 oil, those listed are the best of 3 options, so choose your favorite – you do not need to purchase them all!

The products give you some great choices and you can depend on the quality!

How To Make Face And Body Cream With Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is our holistic secret to healthy and younger looking skin. These lotions can be used to replace expensive moisturizers and toners.

They all work wonders on sunburn or sun damaged dry skin with the added benefit that each can be used to help the healing process of cuts, scratches, bruises …in fact any wound!

You can apply any of them daily, they are safe for all the family.  Package them up and take on vacation as they are especially good if you have been out in the sun or have spent prolonged periods in air conditioned rooms.

Please do give one,hopefully all, of our recipes a try. They are really easy, very quick and because they are homemade you know exactly what is in each of them!

The great thing about homemade natural remedies is they don’t cost a fortune and they are completely free of any skin-damaging chemicals such as Parabens.

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3 Aloe Vera Cream Recipes – Make At Home.

Lotion 1 – Basic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion.

Aloe Vera Cream Remedy

How To Make Aloe Vera Skin Lotion

Yield: 300ml Homemade Aloe Vera Lotion
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20 - $30

Aloe Vera is the holistic health super ingredient for many skin care products. It is fantastic for helping maintain a healthy complexion and youthful looking skin.

In this recipe we look at an Aloe Vera skin lotion that is better than most store bought creams, and can replace even the most expensive labeled moisturizers and toners.

In following "How To" Guides we will look at some variations to this basic Aloe Cream instructions. You will see how, with very little change made to the creams, each additional ingredient makes a huge difference for an aspect of our health.

Our Aloe Vera Skin Cream works wonders on sunburn, or sun damaged dry skin, and has the added benefit that it provides essential nutrients and properties needed for our skin to speed the healing process of cuts, scratches, bruises. In fact this cream is brilliant to apply on any minor wound!

They are made with ingredients that are completely safe to be used by all the family.  Package them up and take on vacation! A wonderful soothing treat for the skin if you find you have had too much sun or have spent prolonged periods in air conditioned rooms. The great thing about homemade natural cosmetics is they don’t cost a fortune and are completely free of any skin-damaging chemicals such as parabens.

Please do try this Aloe Vera Skin Cream. It is very quick an easy to make. And because it is homemade you know exactly what went into it!


  • 1 Cup of Aloe Vera Gel - Fresh or Store Bought
  • 1 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
  • 20 Grams Grated Beeswax or Beeswax Pellets
  • ½ Cup Sweet Almond or Jojoba or Grapeseed oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Cacao Butter or Shea Butter
  • 10 Drops of Essential Oil (Of Your Choice)"


Harvesting Aloe Vera

  • Small Sharp Pointed Craft Knife
  • Dessert Spoon 
  • Newspaper or Plastic To Cover Preparation Areas

For Preparing The Skin Cream

  • Double Boiler (or thick based saucepan)
  • Spatula
  • Food Processor or Handheld Blender (or Bowl and Whisk)

Packaging & Storage

  • Clean Sterilized Glass Jar - 300ml
  • Labels
  • A Creative Streak!


Harvest Your Aloe Vera.

  1. When you harvest Aloe Vera you are looking to take the large older leaves. These can be found on the outside of the plant closest to the soil.
  2. To harvest a leaf make sure you always slice away from your body and remove the sharp side thorns that can be found running up each edge of both side of the Aloe Leaf.
  3. Once you have harvested enough leaves (5-6 on a large plant) place them on a flat surface that you have covered in newspaper or plastic.
  4. With your knife, split the leaves down the middle. To do this take your leaf with the spines removed and place on the table. Each side will have spines removed so the lea will lay flat. Now run your blade from the far end, on top all the way down the middle to the other end. You are aiming to slice the leaf approx 1/2 to 2/3 way through. (It doesn't really matter if you slice all the way through the leaf! You are simply after the gel that you will see starts to ooze from the cuts you have made.
  5. With your dessert spoon scoop out the gel that is located on the inside of the leaf between the thick outer layer of skin.
  6. Repeat this process until you have 1 cup. (see note 1).

Preparing The Face Cream

  1. Place your double boiler or pan over a very low heat. Add the Beeswax and allow it to gently melt.
  2. Add the Cacao butter and your choice of Oil, I use Sweet Almond. Heat only until the solids of wax and cacao have liquified.
  3. Carefully pour the melted wax and oils into a food processor or blender, even a normal mixing bowl, and give a quick but thorough mix to ensure they have combined fully.
  4. Leaving the mixture where it is, allow it to cool down to room temperature. This step is very important. The mix must be allowed to cool before adding the Aloe Vera and other essential oils.
  5. Once the mixture is room temperature, add the Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E Oil, and Essential Oils. Turn the blender on. at a low speed, and pour in the Aloe Vera / Essential Oils. Pour slowly in a continuous stream. This slow gentle speed of blending along with the slow addition of Aloe Vera and oils is how you will achieve a luxurious creamy finish.
  6. Use a spatula to scrape down the internal walls of the blender to make sure all ingredients are well mixed.
  7. Blend until you have a smooth, uniform consistency lotion is formed.

Storing the Aloe Vera Skin Cream

  1. Ensure you have a clean, and preferably sterilised, glass jar and that it has an airtight lid.
  2. Pour the lotion into the jar.
  3. Label and store the lotion in the fridge. It will keep for one month.
  4. This Aloe Vera Skin Cream is perfect as gifts. If you have time design your Aloe Cream label and enjoy the delighted look when this gift is given.


1: If you cannot harvest your own Aloe Vera Gel, or you don't fancy the fuss, it is perfectly acceptable to use 1 cup of store bought Aloe gel. Just ensure you get a good organic product.

2: If your Beeswax is a solid block or large pieces it is best to grate it into your double boiler.

Did you make this project?

If you did I would love to hear your views, use the comment section at the bottom of the post and please share some of your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with the hashtag #healthynatured.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil


Lavender Essential Oil


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Lotion 2 – Aloe Vera Cream Recipes.

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Coconut And Aloe Vera Cream.

To Make You Will Need:

½ Cup Filtered Water
½ teaspoon Borax or Sodium Borate (water-softening agent)
10 drops of your favorite essential oil or oils
¾ Cup Aloe Vera Gel
½ Cup Organic Coconut Oil
½ Cup of Sweet Almond or Jojoba or Grapeseed Oil

Aloe Vera Cream Instructions:

Note: If you are intending to use fresh Aloe Vera you can harvest the gel using the instructions from the 1st cream above.

Step 1:
Heat the filtered water and borax in a saucepan until just boiling.

Step 2:
Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature.

Step 3:
In a second saucepan gently heat the Coconut and Sweet Almond oil until the oils have just liquefied.

Step 4:
Remove from the heat and let cool.

Step 5:
Ensure both of the mixes are the same temperature and then pour the cooled coconut oils into a blender. Turn the blender on at a low speed and very slowly add the filtered water mixture. Take your time and do this slowly. This will give the lotion its creaminess.

Step 6:
Add your choice of essential oil to your Aloe Vera gel and stir well.

Step 7:
Add the Aloe Vera mix to the coconut cream. Again add this slowly and blend on slow speed until you have a smooth lotion.

Step 8:
Pour the lotion into a clean and, preferably, sterilised glass jar. You can store the lotion in the fridge for at least one month.

How To Make Face And Body Cream - 3 Aloe Vera Cream Recipes
How To Make Your Own Body Lotions – Aloe Vera Cream Recipes.

Great Products To Make The Coconut Aloe Vera Cream.



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Sodium Borate



Sweet Almond Oil


Jojoba Oil



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Lotion 3 – Soothing Aloe Vera Cream.

Aloe Vera Cream Homemade Remedies

Soothe Skin With Our Amazing Cucumber Aloe Vera Cream

To Make You Will Need:

½ cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 Cucumber
½ cup Organic Coconut Oil
½ cup Olive Oil


Step 1:
Juice or blend the cucumber until it is a very smooth puree.

Step 2:
Add the coconut oil and olive oil to a saucepan and heat gently until liquefied. This will only require slight heat, just enough to melt the coconut oil so you can blend it with the olive.

Step 3:
Remove from the heat and let cool. Pour the cooled coconut and olive oils into a blender or mixing bowl.

Step 4:
Slowly pour the Cucumber and Aloe Vera into the oils and blend on a low speed until you have a smooth lotion.

Step 5:
Pour the lotion into a clean and preferably sterilized jar. Store in the fridge. It will keep for a month.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will make at least one of our Aloe Vera Cream Recipes, or all three! Please do let me know your thoughts and experiences after making these lotions.

Do you know any other Aloe Vera Cream or Lotion Recipes? Did you make any changes? Please do let our community know!  Use the comments section below.  To Your Best Health!

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Aloe Vera Cream (3 Absolutely Luxurious Aloe Cream Recipes)


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